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Flower Guide

Wedding flowers Batemans Bay, Joycies Flowers in Batemans Bay offer a complete range of wedding flowers and delivery service for weddings in Batemans Bay and the surrounding area from Narooma to Mollymook. We offer fresh and silk wedding flowers and bouquets in traditional or modern styles to suit your wedding and enhance the bride, no matter what you require we can assist to create with you, your wishes and make the beautiful wedding you have in mind.

If the flowers you have in mind aren't represented in our examples perhaps you can find an example in a magazine or on the internet, we are confident to copy an example or blend from a few photo's your preferences to create your own style bouquet, keep in mind that you need to talk to Joycie about your bouquet to confirm that the flowers you are considering are available on the date of your wedding, many flowers are now available all year round but not all, however a substitute may well create the same affect.

Selecting your Wedding flowers

When selecting your flowers and style there are many factors to consider, a large flower like an oriental lily creates a bouquet with less flower heads than other flowers like roses, a large feature flower itself may be more expensive but the actual bouquet may cost less.

Most flowers also need to be wired to create the shape therefore small flowers or a bouquet that uses a lot of small filler flowers requires a lot more time to create. Some flowers and styles may not require the flowers to be wired, definitely all trailing bouquets will need to be wired and take longer to create and are therefore typically more expensive. Some natural stemmed posy bouquets may not require wiring the flowers but on the other hand it is also a common practice to use stems that are not actually attached to the flower heads to create the affect and the flowers are still in fact wired to create the right shape.

Maid bouquets are generally the same flowers as the bride and can be either the same colour or a complimenting colour. The bride bouquet maybe a little larger or even the bride may carry a trailing bouquet while the maid carry a posy style bouquet.

Flowers for the groom are typically a button hole for his shirt or jacket, these are generally smaller filler flowers that are in the brides bouquet, button holes are now also used for mum on their shirt to replace the traditional corsage, both are used today and more depends on mums preferences.

Church and reception wedding flowers do not have to be the same as the bridal flowers, they need to match or compliment the colours but is often more suitable to use larger flowers and simplistic arrangements to create an impact on the large rooms, tall narrow vase arrangements that don't interfere with the view of people sitting down, low arrangements of flower heads placed around a very low vase or candle or even flowers that are placed under water in a large cylindrical vase. Often the bride and maid bouquets can be used on the bridal table at the wedding reception with a small stable vase supplied for you to be able to place the handle of the bouquets. Church wedding flower arrangements can also be used at the reception being transported by a willing guest while the bridal party go for photographs

To assist you in selecting your flowers and help you with suggestions please use our Wedding Flower Selection Guide that will allow you to find flowers by colour and by availability at a specific time of the year, this is only a guideline and still your ideas need to be discussed with our florist Joycie. As a suggestion guide below is a list of flowers you may require for your wedding

Bride Bouquet Bride Hair Flowers Bride Throw Posy
Maid Bouquets Maid Hair Flowers Groom Buttonholes
Flower Girl Posy Flower Girl Baskets Flower Girl Hair flowers
Scatter flower petals Mothers Buttonholes or corsages Fathers Buttonholes
Church Alter Flowers Church Pew Flowers Church Entrance Flowers
Reception Bridal table Flowers Reception Table Centres Reception Signing Table flowers
Reception Bar Flowers Reception Wedding Cake Flowers Reception Signing Table flowers

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